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    Bacon Candy

    Sweet. Salty. Bacon-y. Addictive. Bacon Candy is all that and then some. It is a tastebud-tantalizing, tongue-twerking blessing for your mouth. Perfect for your game day spread, served up at a cocktail…

  • Dessert

    Double Cherry Pie

    “Sane people never pass up good pie.” Remember this when you are selecting the friends you keep, future spouses for your children, or the next people to invite to a party. The…

  • Gifts

    Top 7 Gifts For Your FarmHer

    Cut through the Christmas clutter and buy something festive for your FarmHer this year that she will really enjoy! I know the chaotic voices on television say she may need another “Chris Kringle…

  • Farm Life

    Harvest Hand Signals: How to Decode

    Learn how to read minds and become a master interpreter of hand signals for the sake of your farm and all who grace it with their presence during the blessed season of harvest.…

  • Farm Life, Food

    Pear Sour Cream Cake

    Fall has arrived which means things are about to become quite busy around here. Fall is my favorite time of year because: grain harvest. Grain harvest means family time, quiet tractor time…

  • Farm Life

    How To Excel As A Grain Cart Driver

    Check out these foolproof tips on how to execute your role as “Grain Cart Driver Extraordinaire”. Number 9 on this list is especially helpful but will require a trip to the bank…