2018: Top 8 FarmHer Gifts

Top 8 FarmHer Gifts

2018 Gift ideas galore! Ready or not, the time of year for gift-giving is here. If you are short on gift ideas for the festive FarmHer in your life: here’s a can’t-miss list for you to choose from. These special selections are some of my absolute favorite FarmHer goodies and some things I hope I find in my stocking this year. I hope you find something special for your special someone: FarmHerRanchHerGardenHer or ag supporter alike!
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Top 8 FarmHer Gifts

Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
1. For the cozy FarmHer: All American Washed Out Hoodie
Everyone should have a comfy hoodie to toss on when it’s time to chill out. This hoodie is super-soft and has that magical broken-in feel.  Plus I love the color, it goes with everything!

Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
2. For the sweatshirt-fancy FarmHer: Rooted Crew Sweatshirt
I’ve been told this sweatshirt is a little bit longer than my all time favorite (*see below) and sizes a bit bigger too with plenty of room. My fashionable fancy FarmHer friends love to pair this with leggings and boots. I love the color and it’s a little heavier than the lightweight FarmHer Est. 2013 sweatshirt love of my life, making it even more cozy.
Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
3. For the FarmHer of all FarmHers: FarmHer Est. 2013 Crew Lightweight Sweatshirt
This lightweight sweatshirt is my favorite shirt of all time. It is lightweight, perfect for layering and is a sturdy shirt for working in too. If you see me out and about in the spring-fall-winter, at least 75% of the time I’m sporting this sweatshirt. Buy them up now, because this style is being retired.
Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
4. A great gift idea: FarmHer Cabin Mug
This mug is adorable and would make a fantastic gift for anyone, no sizes needed. I think coffee (if I liked it) would taste better sipped from this sturdy mug. Pair this with some of the gift recipients favorite coffee or hot cocoa mix. FFA advisor, Ag Teacher… gift idea!

Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
5. For a little relaxation: FarmHer Black Sea Candle
I received this candle as a gift for being a speaker at the FarmHer Grow events. It smells divine! Plus the dark blue glass is gorgeous and sturdy. This is another incredible gift idea, no size needed. The scent of this candle reminds me of a spa I once visited in Costa Rica.  There are two other scents available too!
Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
6. For the classic FarmHer: Love The Land Red V-Neck T-Shirt
Perhaps the most classic of all FarmHer t-shirts is the “Love The Land” red v-neck. This was the first official piece of FarmHer swag I purchased a few years ago. I love the material of this shirt and the sleeves are long enough to wear it for work as well. This is an incredibly comfy shirt, more generous in size than the fitted shirts of course. This is my favorite FarmHer t-shirt and is going to be retired. Get your hands on one fast!
Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
7. For the travelling FarmHer: FarmHer Hand Sewn Leather Luggage Tag – By Rustico
My bag tags always seem to break or pop off, but this leather luggage tag is going to stand the test of time. It is incredibly well made and comes in a dark brown and a light brown leather color. Another great gift idea, no size needed!
Top 8 FarmHer Gifts
8. For the fun-loving FarmHer: FarmHer Knit Beanie Stocking Hat
This warm and cozy hat is a tailgaters best friend. This hat is warm and I can assure you, your game day experience will be elevated due to the festive puff ball on top of your head. This is my daughter’s favorite hat and one she loves to give as a gift as well, and is a style that will be retired soon.

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