Modern Pig Farming

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Hanging out at the finisher barns.





Our son enjoys the barn fun and petting the newest babies. He’s getting more comfortable around the big pigs when we take him along to the finisher barns and has had fun this spring showing the pigs around with his tiny show whip.  We love what we do and are committed to raising the best hogs we can and supporting the producers that my husband works with on a daily basis.


Modern Production vs. Hobby

Some ask… why do some of your pigs seem like pets in your pictures?  Well, we are that unusual family that (my husband) works all day around pigs and then comes home and we do that same thing for fun too, just on a smaller scale and with select pigs we have for breeding purposes.  I ask people ‘do you have horses? a boat? a deer stand?’  Same idea, the pigs you see in some of my posts that are not involved in our modern pork production operation, but rather our small breeding program where we raise pigs for our children to show.  Of course they still end up on our dinner table.  Bottom line: our modern barns keep the food on the table for our family. The breeding pigs are our hobby, and a way for our family to spend extra time together. The breeds we enjoy are Yorkshire, Duroc, Hampshire and we do have crossbreds too.  Our daughter would love to get some Berkshires and eventually others if she can talk her Dad into it.


She is a true stock-kid.  I’m so proud of her ways with the livestock and most of that can be attributed to her Dad who is as patient and kind as they come with any creature.


She has grown up a lot… and b.t.w. we need to get the trailer down and haul that tractor off because it needs to be worked on!  Pardon me I need to make a phone call!


My husband was so cute when he was little!

Mike D4

More fun pictures… the other ‘Princess’ in this picture is my AUNT!!!  Hi Aunt Lori!

Q Pigs Ba

My experience with showing hogs was limited to my experience with pigs that my Uncle helped out with and my friends the “Conover boys” who had Berkshire hogs and let me show with them during the Iowa State Fair.  Those were some fun times!

Q Pigs A

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