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Today I wanted to show you a fancy (boozy) drink recipe to share with your Valentine this weekend. (After being in Mexico with unlimited drinks… it has been hard to get my mind off of the mimosas for breakfast, pina coladas for lunch etc.) Anyway… I wanted something boozy and just darn fancy.  This was difficult.  First of all, I didn’t have the wine I wanted.  Nor the pomegranate juice.  Nor the Chambord liquor or fresh raspberries.  I had the wine glasses out, the colored sugars for the rims and a daughter that so badly wanted a ‘fancy drink’ of her own.  Melt my heart…   Here’s what we came up with, all from her suggestions and a little help from Mom.  This drink reminds me of a drink my Grandma Herbold liked.  She called hers a “Peach Spritzer” and it was a combination of wine and peach schnapps with a shot of sparkling water.  Every Valentine’s Day I’m reminded of how much I miss her.

Peach Sparkler

Ingredients for 4 drinks

8 frozen peaches, rinsed of any ice crystals

2 C peach nectar

4 C ginger ale

1/2 C various Valentine colored sugars

4 wine glasses

1 folded paper towel, very damp on a plate

Take the wine glass and invert it onto the damp paper towel to moisten the rim.


I’m missing a photograph but the next step would be for you to pour the sugars onto a plate and dip the rim of the glass into them.


Next add two frozen peaches to each glass.


Next up is quite hilarious… never trust the depth perception you have while looking through your camera lens.  I definitely poured all of this peach nectar onto my counter. You can see the stream going outside the glass in this picture.  (1/2 C peach nectar in each glass)


Haha now that you’ve had a nice laugh… add the ginger ale!


So pretty!  (Insert a double shot of peach schnapps here if you are NOT serving to children.)


Give your 5 year old their ‘mocktail’ in a glass… clean the bread dough off of your hands before you drink it honey!


She was so excited to have something so fancy to drink!


Loved it.  Her favorite part was the sugar on the outside of the glass.  She also felt free to lick up the remaining sugar on the plate we dipped the rims of the glasses in.


A nifty trick I love to do is painting Karo Syrup onto the glasses and decorating them with sparkling sugar… you can do it by pouring some Karo Syrup into a bowl, dip your finger or paintbrush in, paint onto the vessel of choice and sprinkle on the sugars you desire immediately.  (The syrup will form a skin if you wait too long and the sugars won’t adhere.)  You can ‘edit’ your work using a toothpick to remove sugar pieces you don’t want in certain areas or simply to re-shape your artwork.

Paint the clear syrup onto your glass.


Sprinkle on the sugar sprinkles of choice.


Pour something delicious into the glass for yourself.  In this case, ginger ale… I could’ve fooled you and called it sparkling wine to be extra fancy.  But I didn’t.  Karo Syrup works perfectly for decorating!


Fancy… ginger ale.


Drink it up!


I just love to decorate glasses, platters, etc.  I showed this technique on the local news station… my corn syrup dried out by the time we went live… none of the sugar stuck.  EMBARASSING!


Best part of ‘leftovers’… homemade sucker.




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