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    Donut Mini Muffins & “Teeny Winkles”

    Mini Donut Muffins are one of my kids’ favorite recipes. They are totally pop-able, donut flavored mini muffins, rolled in butter and then cinnamon sugar. They come together quickly, and are a great beginner recipe…

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    Iowa Ham Balls

    A couple of months ago, I was invited to accompany bloggers from around the U.S. on a tour of a modern day pig farm. In efforts to connect their audiences more closely with how…

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    #IATourDePork = Uniting influential Iowa bloggers with pig farmers and friends of the pork industry. Several Iowa bloggers got a closer look at modern pork production in Iowa this week, through the aforementioned blogger…

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    BBQ Pulled Pork & Pig Farming

    Pulled pork has to be the most widely used recipe for pork shoulder, ever. When I created the recipe for Pork Carnitas, I cut the shoulder roast into large pieces before searing…

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    #WPX15 & Summer!

    This past week has been a total blur. The first two days we bid a fond farewell to my daughter’s kindergarten school year (and amazingly I didn’t cry like a baby for…

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    Tuffy Pig

    This week we’ve had some ups and downs in the barn. Before I go into that, I want to clarify the situation we’re going to discuss. The following story relates to the…