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one orphan down

Sadly I’m posting about our 4 orphans, which now are the 3 orphans.  Wiggles, the smallest and most unfit of the 4 of the little Yorks did not make it through the week. (These orphans were the pigs we inherited in our garage because their Mama passed shortly after giving birth via uterine prolapse.)  As for the fate of Wiggles it was not much of a surprise. My husband had been warning me that it wasn’t great and I’ll have you know it was never the best since I caught him having his little strep scare way back when. Recently he took a turn and fell ill with another virus and it was untreatable. He didn’t make it.

The other 3 pigs are making great strides in their growth (pretty much normal and one of the boars I could make a run with and maybe show him).  I am really excited because if I ‘stood on him’, meaning if I fed him lots/well/the right feed, he may turn into a showable pig.  (I think he looks the part and I think my husband does too.)  It is hard for him (my husband) to admit that we may have a chance to show him because for heaven’s sakes, we thought these pigs were all going to fail on us at one point in about the first week of January or so jeepers, we raised them in a cattle mineral tub and homemade crate in our garage!  BUT, I think it would be OUTSTANDING to get in the show ring with one of these pigs for the heck of it.  The pride in coming full circle with their health and proving that my little mashed potatoes and cherry Jell-O (thanks Robin) diet (among other things) worked and that they survived with a little TLC and plenty of thoughts and prayers from friends.

I wanted to keep this short but to let you know that we’re down to 3 orphans.  Sad day.

Here’s a link to a post with all of the 4 orphans’ story and information to other links about them. It has been a wild ride and I’m sad but relieved for Wiggles all at the same time. (That’s the full link with all of the little orphan pig stories).


He was too cute.


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  • Reply r April 5, 2014 at 3:21 am

    your doing great all the same! but I’ll be a little sad with you.

    • Reply Cristen April 7, 2014 at 4:03 am

      I know R. I’m still sad. Was just talking about it today. The other 3 are great and in wonderful shape so I’m just thankful for that. XOXO

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