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Tonight for supper we had a lighter fare… I’ve got to put some calories in the bank so I can sample the copycat “Peppermint Bar” recipe I plan on coming up with this weekend.  Chocolate sandwich cookies, hot fudge sauce, peppermint ice cream… yes.  I need to get some major credit in the calorie bank before the weekend.  Plus we’re going to hang out with some friends that we always eat ‘well’ with.  I can’t help it I love your cooking “Aim”!

Here on the plate:  Rotelle Noodles with canned pesto from this past summer, carrots, mini cucumbers, plainly baked chicken breast slices, roma tomato slices and topped with grated fresh parmesan cheese.  I serve this with a red wine vinaigrette that my friends love… next time I make it I’ll measure the ingredients.  It has olive oil, red wine vinegar, sugar, smashed garlic, salt and pepper in it.  No peppers, onions etc.  Still has to be kid and heartburn friendly!

What did you make for supper tonight?  If you’ll share a recipe I’d be so happy!

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