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  • Dessert, Snack

    Piglets & Easy Monster Bars

    There’s no doubt that a quick and easy bar recipes are tops on the list of my followers. Consistently, recipes like my sister’s Dutch Letter Bars make their way to the top of my ‘most loved’…

  • Snack

    Tractor Approved Energy Bites

    These little goodies are full of healthful ingredients PLUS they happen to taste like cookie dough, if you ask me.  They are full of good tasting ingredients and have loads of fiber…

  • Snack

    No Bake Granola Bars

    Lately, the kids have been wanting granola bars for snacks, so we picked a box up a the grocery store.  Of course during BLIZZARD 2015 we ran out. Of course, this was a…

  • Dinner, Lunch, Snack

    Sandi’s Butter Dips

    The recipe for Butter Dips is one of the most coveted family recipes that I’ve gained in my recipe book in the last year. These delightful tender biscuit like fingers go with virtually…

  • Dinner, Lunch, Snack

    Prize Winning Dinner Rolls

    My quest for the perfect dinner roll recipe began after entering classes in the Iowa State Fair baking competition in 2010.  I had only baked cinnamon rolls, loaves of honey wheat bread…