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Ultimate Chocolate Mint Malts


Have you ever had Ultimate Chocolate Mint Malts?

Ever since I can remember, my somewhat-picky-eater daughter has been obsessed with anything “mint”. So much that if you ask her what her favorite things are, she will likely say, “I like sports, pigs and anything mint-y”. She’s not kidding either. I nearly fell out of the car the first time she ordered a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream at a local drive through. She almost ate her fingers off trying to finish every last morsel of that ice cream cone.
AE Dairy, our local favorite for dairy products, started making “After Dinner Mint” chocolate milk a while back. It is a seasonal item, but I promise you, once it comes out for the holiday season, we always have a container of it in our house. It is rich, like their regular chocolate milk and has the smoothest mint flavor. I. Can’t. Stay. Out. Of. It. Last year when we taste tested all of the AE Dairy seasonal drinks, this minty-chocolate-milk was my winner going away. I think I recall noting that it is “the perfect drinkable dessert”. Make no mistake though, when this milk is in our refrigerator, my daughter claims it as her own, with the tenacity a lioness would protect her cub.
Here’s where I screwed up: One day, I had been cleaning and had tidied up the refrigerator. There was about a swig’s worth of AE After Dinner Mint left in my crowded refrigerator, so in an effort to create more space in there, and polished it off, tossed the container in the recycle bin and kept on cleaning. She finally got home after a long bus ride from school, headed to the house and to spare you all the details, I was in trouble. Big trouble. I had finished HER milk.

She was less than impressed. After chores we went to the grocery store and got TWO more containers and the rest is history. I will NEVER do that again. Pinky swear. To make up for my wrong-doing, we made chocolate mint malts, and let me tell you… we will definitely be making them again. These are the ultimate end to any meal, or sweet treat on their own. Check out these Ultimate Chocolate Mint Malts.


Ultimate Chocolate Mint Malts

by: Cristen
Makes 4 malts, assembles in 5 minutes
1 quart chocolate ice cream
1 cup AE After Dinner Mint chocolate milk
1/4 cup chocolate malt powder
Mint Oreos (roughly 3 per serving)
Andes Mints (roughly 2 per serving)
Combine ice cream, milk and malt powder in a large mixing bowl. Mix until smooth. Crush cookies into large pieces, chop mints. In serving cups, layer cookies, mints and malt mixture. Top with additional cookies and mints. Serve immediately. *Note: omit malt powder and these will still taste great, you will just call them “milkshakes”. Note #2: substitute mint chocolate chip ice cream for chocolate ice cream if you want more mint flavor. We like this chocolate version best.

Until next time… I’ll be keeping my post-harvest-leftover-face-paint faux tattoo parlor up, if anyone wants a new tattoo! My first, and repeat customer was pretty pleased with his new one.

This is a hosted conversation written by me on behalf of AE Dairy. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AE Dairy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    We are going to try these! I love AE anything!

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