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sweet babies

My husband took the kids to the barn tonight to check in on Oink’s new litter and see how big Cinnamon’s pigs have gotten as well. The three of them couldn’t have been happier. Any time spent at the barn is the best time for us. (I was at a ‘little league t-ball draft’ event tonight.  Wow. Sports-first for this family.)  Back to the pigs…

Here’s our daughter with Oink’s new little babies.


She’s Twizzler-Sweet.


She’s calm and quiet around the pigs (everything her mother lacks).  She takes after her Dad in that respect, thank goodness.  I stand by and fret that someone (piglet) will get stepped on, get the hind tit or something unfair will happen or the littlest pig will get picked on… she quietly moves the pigs around if they are in danger, moves the littlest pigs to the front tits and breaks up fights with her little tiny hands.  Amazing.


She just loves them.


Cinnamon’s babies are 10 days old.  They’re doing quite well and growing very big.  They are the snuggling-est little things I’ve ever seen.  They all seem to want to touch each other all of the time.  It is adorable.  Some of them are red like their dad Red Sensation… the rest are darker brownish-red like their Mama.


The littlest of the pigs made a great transition over to Oink as she has an overabundance of milk.  He’s the king of Oink’s litter and is liking it.  His brothers and sisters don’t even notice he’s gone.


Getting after it. (Props to the photog taking the picture… I heard he just held the camera down low and started shooting.)


Big sis would stay there all night long.  (Yes, she’s asked… many times.)  Her brother likes it too.


Had to throw this one in there… here’s little boy in his sister’s fluffy Pottery Barn pajama boots.  Awesome buddy!


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