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national pig day

In the past year I can’t think of any pigs I’d like to celebrate more than the four little orphan Yorkshires ‘yorks’ that we raised in our garage. The attachment that came with raising them was significant.(I’m weak for a helpless, Mama-less pig.) The pride we had/have for the success in keeping them all alive through the setbacks we had is even greater. I’m not kidding when I tell you my husband just brought up his amazement with keeping them alive today, again. Below is a picture of the little sweeties, barely 24 hours old on December 23, 2013.  They were our ‘Christmas Pigs’.  If you’re new to the blog you can find links to all of the posts about their story.  Their survival wasn’t without much questioning, doubt, perseverance and dedication (hello, they ate more frequently than my kids did when they were newborns) by our family, that they survived. *Links to their story at the end of the post.

Here are the 4 orphans at 24 hours old.  The 4th pig is only showing his feet at the top of the photo.


These posts are about the Christmas Pigs (4 orphan Yorkshire piglets we raised in our garage.)

Announcing the “Christmas Pigs” that are coming to stay at our house a while.


The sweet little helpless pigs in our heated garage and their back story (how their Mama died):


Things are pretty sweet at this point (we think we’re rock stars), all good and no scours… YET.


This is how we are nourishing their frail tiny bodies using some unusual ingredients:


Unsure of their health status and scared to death:


Finally, we can breathe a bit:


When our pig-children moved out. *tear.


Most recent update on the grown pigs:


And Cinnamon… again.


Have you hugged a hog today?

“Hogs and Kisses!”  Have a great weekend!

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