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field trip iowa style

My daughter attends a local preschool that I call a ‘country preschool’.  It is out here near where we live and we have a lot of great families that attend.  One of the Moms is the ‘woman in charge’ of The Iowa Beef Expo .  She graciously invited us to have a field trip at the event, guided us on a fabulous tour and showed the kids everything going on at the show, the various sales and more.  We happen to have friends who are in the business of showing cattle and we ran into a few of them that day.  (You’ll see some pictures.)  It was a great field trip… sure beats visiting the dental office (no offense to the dentists out there).  Here are some of the favorite pictures of the day!

More info on the Iowa Beef Expo visit:

The kids received a free hat and free pair of gloves from a couple of vendors.  How nice!


Here’s my daughter and her good friend modeling their new hats!


We got to eat at the “bull pen” with lunch courtesy of Campbell’s Concessions… (Thanks Eric, always can count on a fellow Dowling alum!)


My daughter with her buddy who loves pigs as much as she does.


Here’s a heifer owned by friends, isn’t she pretty?  (The same friend that brought me fresh fancy eggs a while back!)


One more picture!  They had a great show day.


Here’s a little 10 day old Herford bull that the kids got to pet.  He was so precious!


A nice cowboy steadied the calf while the kids got to pet him.


We stayed afterwards and took a look at some of the bulls on display…


Then we checked out the fancy trailers on the way out.


When in Iowa… do as Iowans and have a field trip at a cattle show.  Best field trip ever!

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