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4 little pigs *update

I’m pleased to tell you we have 4 living little piglets (still… thank you Lord.) Hopper, Wiggles, Sunshine and Jackson are growing up, doing quite well and eating a TON of feed.  Pretty soon they’ll be moving again and I hope to have lots of pictures to show you.  They still have their individual quirks but my husband said that they are certainly doing well for all they’ve been through.  Their personalities still shine through even though we aren’t around them every day. Hopper hops, Wiggles gags himself eating too fast, Sunshine and Jackson fight, etc. I wish it were warm so we could get them back around here. The silly little guy below still ‘smiles’.  (More like squeals softly with his mouth wide open and it looks like smiling.  Don’t back him into a corner!


If you are new to the blog, these pigs were 4 orphans that we raised up from the tender age of 20 hours old.  You can learn more about them, our struggles finding the right recipe of foodstuffs to get them to eat and not scour, and our triumphs while watching them grow.

Here is a picture (one of my favorites) when they first arrived at our house.  You can see 3 pigs here and the feet of the 4th little one.


The sadness of losing a really nice sow and gaining her 4 tiny babies, right before Christmas Eve.

The backstory.

Things are going well, with some definite hiccups.

Trying to keep ahead of the scours and keep the babies alive.

Nobody has given up yet, including the 4 babies.

Finally getting some weight gain, and we appear to be out of the woods.

Time for the little ones to graduate to a bigger barn.

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