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Dynamite Pork Breakfast Burger


Rarely does my husband commit that anything I make is the absolute BEST thing he’s ever had.  However, this morning he said I made the ‘best breakfast sandwich ever’.  That’s a big deal folks.  With as much food as I turn out, he’s lucky to have a chance to come up for air before I’m shoving something else in his face.  I love him.

This breakfast sandwich came to mind as I was grilling (in my pj’s) at 7:00 a.m. today in preparation of my photo shoot and interview with Welcome Home Magazine.  I was already working with pork of course, making my $17,500 Pork Burger.  My daughter asked to have a pork burger for breakfast and I naturally said okay.  She then said, “but Mom… only the patty, ketchup and bun please.”  No problem.  Then, the magical wheels in my food brain began to turn. Pork burger, not sausage… for breakfast?  Okay. I wanted to fry a few eggs for breakfast anyway, already had bacon prepared and knew I had these dynamite King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns that I could toast and get ready.  This would make one heck of a ‘breakfast burger’.

You may ask, “why not sausage?”  My answer is simple.  I had ground pork on hand and honestly, I don’t need all of the spice that some sausage has.  This sandwich is as straightforward as the picture I have of it on my cell phone.  Not fussy at all, just quality ingredients put together the right way.

The pork is so savory, the bacon… well it is bacon, perfectly salty and delicious.  The egg makes it extra rich and ‘breakfast-y’ and the roll absolutely puts it over the edge with its right-on sweetness.  These rolls are AWESOME, that makes the sandwich ‘out of this world’.

Pork Breakfast Burgers

By Cristen       

Makes 6 generous burgers

6 eggs, fried with salt and pepper (I like mine fried hard, feel free to cook less if you want a runny yolk)

1/2 LB ultra thick bacon, cooked til chewy/crisp, long strips cut in half.

1-1 1/2 pounds of 80/20 ground pork (shoulder), depending on the size you’d like your pork patty

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

1 package King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns, split, buttered and toasted over grill

Fry eggs and cook bacon as desired.  Set aside in warm area.

Shape meat into 6 patties of equal size, season with Lawry’s, grill for 3 minutes per side over medium high heat.  Spread buns with a small amount of butter, toast on grill grate until golden.  Set aside.  Remove finished patties from heat.  To assemble, place toasted bun bottom down, top with patty, egg, bacon and then bun top.  Serve immediately.

You can certainly fry up some peppers and onions and add to this, grate fresh onion into the ground pork, top with fresh tomato, avocado, cheese or any number of things.  We enjoy it best plain and hot off of the grill.  I can imagine this would be a great breakfast to take along to ball games, pig shows and a long day of farm work.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  It reminds me of a pork burger that you can get at your local county fair or state fair, grilled to perfection by a volunteer producer. Yum!

What are you waiting for!?

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    I’m with your husband, that is the best thing ever!

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