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  • Food & Swine

    Peanut Putter Pie & Pig Show

    This is one of my favorite ‘easy-as-pie’ recipes to make.  It is sinfully rich and everyone loves it.  There’s ‘nary a crumb leftover.  Drink with a tall glass of milk.  I’m saying…

  • Food & Swine

    Cookie Dough Can Swim

    The other day,  upon letting the gilts out that we have at home, it was discovered that they would chart a different course on their evening walk.  “Cookie Dough” one of the…

  • Food & Swine

    clowning around & loose bulls

    The last few weeks have been busy but we’ve still managed to clown-around quite a bit.  Lots of our fun times have included the various animals in our lives and here are some…