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clowning around & loose bulls

The last few weeks have been busy but we’ve still managed to clown-around quite a bit.  Lots of our fun times have included the various animals in our lives and here are some pictures of them.

My son and his Grandpa talking about their growing pigs.


He’s getting better around the pigs but loves to drag his show stick around in the shavings and make drawings.  Sassy loves him and nibbles his legs which totally ticks him off.


Talking to Grandpa.


Sassy was running a muck in the pen, she loves being in there.


We went to my sister and brother in law’s house to brush off the mini horse, Dusty.  He was full of furry winter hair and plenty of cockleburs in his coat and tail.  He got a great brushing and gave my daughter a little ride.  Good horse.

PS: My husband is excellent at getting the burs out of horses.  Amen.


Someone was less than enthused with all of the horse hair flying around.


She loves this little guy.


He’s so good to her.


Posing with Grandpa at Uncle D’s and Aunt T’s house.


Steel fence posts make great photo props.


My son has been extra naughty the past few weeks but whenever we are around Uncle D he’s been very well behaved. He used to be slightly skittish around Uncle D, but is over that.  He’s calm and sweet around his Uncle… now if this Mama could get him to settle like that?  D… what’s your secret!?


Maybe this is why he used to be afraid around Uncle D?  My daughter loved this game… the higher, the better.  My son, not so crazy and a little more careful.




This is what I compete with.


I get this a lot too… but for some reason he can get impatient.  Wonder where he got that?


A couple of weeks ago, my Dad got an unsettling call on a Sunday night to let him know that “the bulls are out.”  That is never a good call.  Luckily we have family that helped in getting them back in.  I broke a sorting pole that was my Dad’s favorite.  I need to make him a new one.  It consisted of PVC pipe and softball bat grip-tape. Best part of the night was the drive home where we re-told old stories of bulls getting out (some I had never heard before).


Arriving at this time of the night was not the best scenario.


Thankfully the nut that fell off of the large bolt that was securing the log chain around the large gate/panel to the concrete of the barn is fixed and won’t be coming loose again any time soon.  I guess that is the first time those bulls got out of that particular area since Dad made that lot with the panels many years ago.

There was a cow in heat that night and the bull who weighs WELL over a ton (I’m thinking 2500+ lbs) was excited to get out with her again, brushing his body up against the panels and freaking me out.  I will also say when we first got there, I picked up a bucket out of the truck and put about 20 rocks in it to lure the mammoth and his sidekick (smaller bull) back into their pen. I thought I’d just give the bucket one shake to see if it would get his attention, before we were ready to receive them back into the upper lot of course.  Well, that shake got his attention and he came flying up the hill at Dad and I.  I pretty much peed my pants in fear (the Earth was shaking) and the bull ran in and back out of the lot before we knew what happened.  We had to let him, sort of… he was going to be the bait to get his little sidekick in too.  With the help of my Uncle M, things were handled in a short amount of time.  Thankfully.  (Yes there is a little extra drama added in here for fun, but it wasn’t more than a routine round-up… just nothing I do on a daily basis of course.)

Pissed off and moving a bit fast for me… I can’t explain how this bull looks so small here, he’s much bigger in person!  It was so dark I tried messing with my light settings on my camera, that’s why the pictures are so terrible.  Sorry!


After plenty of gliding across and rubbing the panels we decided it was best to roll in the tractor and mower and sit it alongside them.  It kept the bull from seeing the cows and made sure he didn’t decimate the panels.  It worked and the tractor was still sitting there a week later.


I need a tripod to steady my camera.


Three cheers hoping that it doesn’t happen again any time soon!

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