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I’ll have to admit to you all… I’m smitten with these little Duroc piglets.  Oh my goodness.  If they aren’t the cutest little pigs I’ve ever seen.  They are sweet as sugar and are so gentle and curious.  They’re not even two weeks old and I’ll let you know that most of them are well over 12#.  They are liking to bully one another but when the kids settle down with them in the pen or when we pick them up they act just like little puppy dogs. Cinnamon gets calmer with each passing day and is turning out to be quite the Mama.  Good girl.

Cinnamon 1

What can I say?  They love me!  Aren’t they so sweet?  The dark ones look like Cinnamon, the reddish colored pigs look like their sire Red Sensation who is at Lean Value Sires.


Aren’t their ears so adorable when they’re jumping up and down?


So cute.


Totally curious.


Rambunctious at times.


Don’t they look like sweet little puppy dogs?


Hold still I said…. she just wanted me to pick her up.  So I did.  THEN before my photo-moment my camera battery died.  Shoot.  I even wore makeup just in case I’d get in a photo for once.  Oiy.


So funny… trying to crowd in and greet my son before he gets in the pen.


He’s getting used to the attention now.

Oink is cranking away and raising her pigs quite well.  They love my daughter and I’ll tell you she was devastated to know her favorite off belt pig of the litter was a boar pig.  “I can’t show him Dad!” she stammered.  My husband just told her we’d cut him and if he turned out, she could show him as a barrow.  She made sure to announce that at the family dinner table with my folks this evening.  “Yep Grandma, I’ll show him because Dad’s going to cut his testicles out.” I nearly choked. Sweet. Out of the mouths of farm-babes.

Here’s my daughter with her Oink babies.


She is so gentle with them.  I love to watch.


I hope you had a great weekend!

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