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hello red babies


The kids and I were riddled with excitement as we got to go see Cinnamon for the first time nearly 18 hours after she had her 6 big babies. The wonder in my kids’ eyes is second to none, I’m not sure where we could get this type of experience in our typical everyday stay-at-home life.  Barrett was pretty upset he couldn’t ‘get in’ with the babies but the truth of the matter is… Cinnamon is a fireball.  Motherhood has done her well, as in: yes she delivered her babies, is nursing them well, talks to them and cautiously and slowly lays down when it is time to nurse the babes after she’s been eating.  BUT Motherhood has made her one scary B.  Whew.  I’ve heard the adage that red hogs can be a little more testy and sometimes downright mean… ummm check!  We were lovingly gazing at these pretty little babies, having the time of our lives, Cinnamon was eating and drinking, up (in a crate of course) and then one of the babies decided to pull a ‘waaaa waaaa’ squeal.  BAD idea little guy… this caused our new Mama some serious stressful piss-tivity.  She started snorting, whooping and banging around… immediately of course, we put the baby back.  Five more seconds of ‘warning’ later, and she was fine as if to say “carry on minions, more feed, more water, NOW!”.  I’m not the most experienced with these pigs, especially farrowing.  I didn’t do this in my youth.  Sure, we had cattle… that was fun, yet my Dad did most of the baby-related stuff.  I’m not used to things of pig-nature and get pretty skittish when this 400-500 lb red monster is sounding like an EF5 tornado waiting to blow out of her crate.  What is my gut telling me at this point? “Step back, put the baby down and get the hell out of here!”

A few more pictures later we decided to call it a night and leave the new Mom to get her babies fed.  The barn was a balmy 70+ degrees and the heat lamp was keeping the babies even warmer.  Here are a few pictures of the trip.  Have a great day!

First impressions…


Must hold… must.


I just love them. (Could I practice up and become a Photoshop whiz and edit every one of these pictures so you see no poo, pee etc?  Sure, but #1 I don’t have that kind of time and #2 most of you reading are used to poo and pee #3 or those that aren’t ‘farm-iliar’ are naturally curious of what really goes on while raising baby animals.)


Sometimes the big kids like to see up close too.


Enter the littlest (pig) guy that made the biggest squeal… thanks buddy, you got us kicked out!


Hefty little suckers… (18 hours old)


Get back here and pose!


I love their little smooshy noses.


Having a good look…


Checking the babies out with Dad.


Have a great day!


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  • Reply Angela February 21, 2014 at 12:08 am

    Sooo cute–found you from the CCC forum. Love this blog idea!

    • Reply mikeandcristen February 21, 2014 at 12:44 am

      Thank you so much! I found your site as well, very nice!

  • Reply robin February 25, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    They are so cute. Oh the baby pigs are cute too. Those Mama’s can be a little scary. Actually a Mama pig is why I am utterly terrified of pigs. Gonna rename Cinnamon Jeckyl/Hyde?

    • Reply mikeandcristen February 25, 2014 at 10:44 pm

      She’s much better! I’m surprised at how much more docile she is now. I’m still not planning to be hanging around her without a panel and some sort of whip though. :)

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