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    Peanut Putter Pie & Pig Show

    This is one of my favorite ‘easy-as-pie’ recipes to make.  It is sinfully rich and everyone loves it.  There’s ‘nary a crumb leftover.  Drink with a tall glass of milk.  I’m saying…

  • Food & Swine

    Peanut Butter Bars

    Do you share your recipes? This recipe is one of the first recipes that I thought enough to ask someone for way back in July of 2009. (Before I began baking more…

  • Food & Swine

    Cookie Slam-wiches

    Today the ROD or ‘recipe of the day’ is a sweet one.  These delicious filled chocolate chip cookies will satisfy any sweet tooth. The recipe is much like my original favorite chocolate chip cookie…

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    scotcheroo puppy chow

    How did I miss that it is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day?  (I already missed the National Pig Day memo… sheesh). I gave 8 softball pitching lessons today and 9 if you count the…