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    Grandma Madeline

    This week I lost a very special person in my life.  My Grandma Madeline passed away on Monday morning.  She was the inspiration and motivation for many of my different baking adventures.  She…

  • Food & Swine

    Simple Farmhouse Bread

    If you possess a fear-of-yeast and have little to zero baking knowledge or bread baking experience, Simple Farmhouse Bread is a great basic recipe to start with. This bread is soft, tender and makes the…

  • Food & Swine

    Perfect Crab Rangoon

    Game day appetizers are a bigger deal than the big ‘game’ in our house.  We love football, but food takes top priority when we are hosting ‘game day’.  These basic, simple Crab Rangoon…

  • Food & Swine

    2 minute hot fudge

    Old fashioned hot fudge can be one of the most difficult things to create in the kitchen.  Cooking a mixture with butter, sugar, cream and chocolate to temperature (ie: soft ball stage)…

  • Food & Swine

    EASY Red White and Blue Crisp

    Today was a big day of helping my Dad in the field, cleaning house and preparing to leave next week for the Sutter Home Winery’s Build A Better Burger competition.  I’m so…

  • Food & Swine

    quick garlic cheddar biscuits

    If you’ve ever been to the chain restaurant “Red Lobster” you’ve probably gorged yourself on these delicate little biscuits.  I’ve changed the recipe up a little bit, using a touch of dill in…