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silly boys and surgery

As I’m sitting here recovering a bit from my surgery I stumbled upon a post I had meant to write a while ago and thought I’d finish it up tonight.  I only ever post about the tasty and productive things we do in the kitchen or the fun barn happenings.  I never delve into the glory of home ownership and how silly and icky boys can be when they are messin’ around.  (I spent quite a large part of the day being entertained by these two, so it is only fitting.)

A couple of weeks ago, we had a warm day and enjoyed it doing some of the less glamorous things in life.  Like cleaning out the drain in the garage.  Ewww, it is totally gross. Our black lab Annie sleeps in there and sheds a lot.  Good thing my husband isn’t bothered by icky stuff.  My son was eager to be in the mix too.

Two year olds do love power tools of course.  So helpful.


It is really that deep… of course my husband pretends to be dragged to the bottom of the pit.  (In an attempt to freak me out.)  Nice try honey!  (I did believe him for a second… murky water is scary.  Always.)


Tonight my daughter is staying with my folks and we have the little guy at home with us.  He has been asking repeatedly for a “pop-dickle, pop-dickle, Mama… POP-DICKLE”

Popsicle!  Someone get the kid a popsicle!


He’s been charming everyone today… especially me.  He has been concerned to see me in the chair and is always checking with me to see if I am okay.  He thinks when he covers his face that I cannot see him.  It is too funny.


And then… the stinky eye.  He came across that honestly.  Ha!


I’m feeling better today, my sister came over and entertained me again.  The pain meds are working well and I’ve been able to eat a bit more.  I’m looking forward to visits from a couple of Aunts this weekend.  It’ll be nice to be back in the loop.  I had a nice discussion with my husband about the surgery day, we hadn’t talked much since Wednesday night because we’ve been managing my pain and not really focused on the actual surgery day that much.  I’m just happy it is over and I do remember most everything, minus the parts I shouldn’t know about.  I’m so glad I didn’t wake up during surgery.  Yay.

In other news… our refrigerator is not cranking ice out like it should so we are down major amounts of ice.  I’ve used so much in ice packs and my ice water… we are low and usually OUT.  I love to have an ice pack on my mega bruise and incision so I had to improvise.


Margarita slushy drink pack you say? Perfect ice-pack.  Flexible, pliable (because it contains alcohol it holds like slush; not like a brick), colder than sin and re-useable with an end-life of drinkability!  I just wrapped it in an additional zip top bag and it is ready to go!  (These would have been so helpful when I was pitching, they are the perfect size for arm injuries.)

This is my newest discovery and I’m quite proud!  Beats the heck out of the Pinterest recipe for ice packs that you make with rubbing alcohol and water. (I always wanted to know what happened when those spilled?)

That’s all for tonight!  I hope you have a great weekend, I’m on the mend and feeling better.  Thank goodness!

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  • Reply Jennifer Flaa (@JeniEats) March 15, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    I hope you recover and that the pain goes away as quickly as possible.

    • Reply Cristen March 15, 2014 at 3:53 pm

      Thanks so much! The pain is much better today! :)

  • Reply Christine Wulf March 16, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    What brand is your whisk that you love so much?

    • Reply Cristen March 18, 2014 at 1:12 am

      King Arthur Flour is the catalog I order from!

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