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pig play day & simple frittata

This past weekend the weather finally warmed up and it felt like spring.  I was so thankful and excited.  I had a few pitching lessons to give at home and then we took off to Grandma S. and Grandpa H.’s where we keep the pigs.  These are the same barns my husband kept his pigs in growing up.  This week we had a junior 4-H club visit and they got to see the little pigs.  The barn is cleaned up and a new fun-pen was made.  The kids had a ball playing in the pig pen with the pigs, the dirt out in the lot and seeing the big sows with Dad.

I had an interesting conversation this week and most of you reading my blog will understand this swimmingly.  We have pigs we baby, caudle and just down right cater to in the evenings in our spare time.  We do this instead of going to movies, shopping, hunting, camping etc.  These pigs are our pets and show animals (eventually).  We also have commercial sites which get our attention thoroughly throughout the daytime of course so the pigs we have there are well cared for and comfortable which in turn means they will be productive and grow well for us.

Back to the fun!  Here are a few pictures we snapped during our day of fun in the sun with pigs.

Letting Sassy sniff her hair… she said they have the same color of hair.


Plenty of shavings to go around and plenty of petting for one of Diamond’s little babies!


When in the barn… do as the pigs do.


My son is finally getting the hang of the pigs.  His sister and Dad have helped him become more comfortable.  I’m glad.  Nice Cheeto face you have going on there son.


Even the bigger pigs got some serious scratchin’.  Oink is always happy have her back scratched!


Bake something, you say?


Sure thing!


Since I can’t post many times without giving you a recipe, here’s a quick one you’ll surely love.  It is a cinch to throw together, bakes up beautifully and the leftovers are great!  (Sorry no after pictures, I will have those soon!  This was eaten before I could take the photos!)  Frittatta = fancy name for an easy crustless quiche.

Simple Potato and Scallion Frittata

by: Cristen


8 whole eggs

2/3 C half and half (or whole milk)

1/4 tsp salt

1/8 tsp ground pepper

4 scallions, chopped finely

2 medium potatoes, peeled, cut into 1/2″ cubes, cooked until tender in olive oil and sprinkled lightly with seasoned salt.

3/4 C shredded cheese

Combine eggs, half and half, salt and pepper.  Whisk well.  Add scallions, cooked potatoes and shredded cheese.  Stir well.  Pour into greased 8×8 inch pan and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 35-40 minutes until eggs are cooked throughout.  Cool a bit, slice and serve warm or at room temperature.

*Feel free to add anything you like (focus on having 3 C total add-ins or less).  Try, cooked bacon, cooked sausage, different cheeses, peppers etc.  There are millions of combos that would work!

*Have you made my Healthy Quinoa Veggie Mini Frittatas?  Try baking that mixture in an 8×8 pan with great results too!  Way less fussy baking in an 8×8 and slicing than greasing individual muffin cups!  Trust me!

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  • Reply Jennifer Flaa (@JeniEats) April 10, 2014 at 12:42 am

    I love your photos and stories of your pigs. Fun to see you all spoil them. I have spent a lot of time this week thinking about how much I love “eggbake.” Adding this to my list.

  • Reply Chris Bennett April 10, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories about your pigs. My husband was born and raised in Iowa. We got our kids a pot belly pig for a pet – we had to say good bye to him in January after 23 years. “Porky” (our pet) also was a great pet for our 3 grandkids – he is missed every day!!

    • Reply Cristen April 10, 2014 at 7:07 pm

      Oh that is so sweet! Thanks for following along with me. I didn’t know PB pigs could live that long! Wow! I bet “Porky” was very cute. Cristen

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