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When entering the time of year when gift giving is high I knew I should put together a “Baker’s Gift List”.  The stress of ‘giving’ these days is quite traumatic to some. These gifts I will show you today are all items to be used in the kitchen, with family, creating dishes to be enjoyed together. The best feeling during Christmas for me is simply spending time with my family and friends, and that is something to be truly thankful for.

I know everyone has someone “impossible” to buy for on their Christmas shopping list.  Whether they buy whatever they need or want, or NEVER under any circumstance provide a ‘wish list’ it is never easy.

I came across the King Arthur Flour Company back in 2010 when I started entering baking contests.  They sponsor the Yeast Breads and Yeast Rolls categories.  I won gift cards for winning some of the overall titles in the various contests and got to spend them at the website.  EXCITING!  (Well for me it was.)  There is something about spending ‘other people’s money’ or in this case my prize money.  I got to be a little less careful and purchase some things I really wanted to try versus things I really needed (flour, flour, flour).  I was so surprised at the difference in the quality for all of their items. Feel free to email me at if you ever have any questions about the products I have used.  (Nearly all of them!)

Baking Gift List:

All items available on

#1: Best tool ever, hands down.  I use this to temp my meats on the smoker, candy, breads, cakes, muffins etc.  The list goes on.  I’ve even taken my son’s temperature in his armpit with it when he ran a fever (then I bleached it of course!)  I rely on this tool SO much. Instant digital results (from -52 to 572 degrees F) and very reliable. I announce my #1 pick for Baking Gifts this year… a steal at $95.95



#2:  My best (big) friend in the kitchen, and quite expensive but worth every penny to the serious baker: The KitchenAid ProLine 7 QT CANDY APPLE RED (ahhhhh) Stand Mixer.  This bad boy’s power is measured in horse-power, not watts.  Watch out.  Kneads double batches of bread dough and quadruple batches of cookies with ease. $549, but at the moment $50 off and free shipping…


#3: The King Arthur Flour Logo Whisk 10″.  This whisk has changed my life.  I want to throw the other 12 I have away I love it so much.  I love it.  Did I mention I try to make recipes just so I can use it.  This whisk makes me want to whip cream by hand.  That is serious.


#4. The King Arthur Flour Wooden Spoon, this thing will never give way to a stiff batch of anything.  Very sturdy and my favorite in the kitchen.  And under $8!


#5. Sparkling White Sanding Sugar… and yes they do mean sparkling.  This is awesome for your homemade cookies and muffins, it gives them such a professional finish. Under $7.  It is a LOT of sugar!  You’ll have it for quite some time.


I have more items to share but at the moment I’ve got two fussy kids to lay down for their naps!


Before I go I will leave you at this… your purchase of item #2 on this list could bring about this type of response.  JOYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  (And yes I am fully aware that embarrassing myself by posting this type of picture could potentially make you smile, that is why I did it.)

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