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Boar-ing… wait, he’s OUT!

Sometimes animals get out… the ones you least expect and at the most inopportune times of course.  As if it wasn’t interesting enough when the bulls got loose, now this escape artist adds fun to the list.  This happened a couple of weeks ago, things are always interesting out here on the prairie.  We had him out to walk him and give him some exercise, then put him back only for him to GET OUT again! Naughty boar. He’s at our place on quarantine for 30 days before we can introduce him to a bigger operation where there are many sows and he’ll breed to make productive offspring that will grow well.  Quarantine is necessary, it is our little insurance policy that he will not drag any disease to his new home.  He’s been at a separate facility with a small group of pigs and he’s healthy but taking the precaution of quarantining him is the safest and right thing to do to protect the whole herd.


See the dirt he’s kicking up?  I swear to you, this boar bucks.  Bucks!


This was taken while sitting by my softball pitchers mound.  See him up on the hill?


Rule number one for rounding up large animals. Throw little boy up onto ‘babysitter’ (tractor) and go put “Jack the Ripper” (boar) away.  Endless hours of fun for this little guy on the tractor. It is better that way, so hard to lug him around while chasing the boar around.


Get away from my backstop and you had better not root around there!


Son of OINK… I should have known.

I will admit this is better than the threat of bucking bulls being out.  Yikes.

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