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6 big babies

Last night was pretty eventful for my husband and father-in-law as they sat in the barn together for a few hours (until 1:00 a.m.) watching over Cinnamon, our Duroc gilt have her first litter of pigs.  We’re happy to say that she did a great job and she has 6 monster piglets on her side. My guess was she’d have about 10, but once I heard how much the first one weighed I was certain it would be less than that. She’s nursing them well, I haven’t been able to get over to see them yet today but my husband took this picture at 5 a.m. today when they were just a few hours old.  I hope to have more pictures to show you soon.  For now, Cinnamon is ‘talking’ to her babes, nursing them well and they’re hunkering down (not really it is 70 degrees where they are and under the heat lamp is close to 90+) until the rest of us can go and visit.

They have big feet and legs like their mother and have the sweetest little pudgy noses (near as I can tell in the picture).  I can’t wait to hold one and get a closer look.

Aren’t they sweet?  There are 4 darker chocolate colored pigs (like Mama) and 2 red colored pigs (like Dad).


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