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    Mom’s Fresh Apple Cake

    Fresh Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce is the most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten. In fact, this may be my MOST favorite recipe to date.  I promise. Growing up, each fall when…

  • Food & Swine

    Pumpkin Caramel Pecan Rolls

    As promised!  The sticky-roll version of pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  These were the favorite of my Dad.  I snuck him a warm roll up into the combine and he took a mini-break to…

  • Food & Swine

    Birthday Boy & Caramel Apples

    I must be a little nostalgic in this post as it was my son’s 2nd (and golden) birthday on December 2nd.  He had a big food-holiday on his birthday complete with Grandpa (Bobo)…

  • Food & Swine

    Lemon Chess Pie

    Just when the heft of the Thanksgiving spread causes you to give in to the sensation to unbutton your pants for a bit of relief, you waddle to the dessert table to…