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  • 7TipsErin
    Farm Life

    7 Tips For Successful Farrowing

    Check out this detailed farrowing guide from my best friend and Day One Farrowing expert, Erin Brenneman. I’ve asked Erin to share with us the tools she uses to get brand new piglets off…

  • SpotLitter

    Barn Lessons & Dead Piglet Thrives

    Last week I told you about the harrowing farrowing of our Spot gilt, Pudding. I shouldn’t say ‘harrowing’ because it was pretty uneventful as a whole. But the way it started out,…

  • CoconutCreamPieBars

    Coconut Cream Pie Bars

    Coconut cream pie is a staple on my family’s Christmas spread. This year, I wanted to make something a bit more interesting than the typical coconut cream pie offering. If you are…

  • AlChristian

    Strawberry Preserves & Al Christian

    Over the weekend we had the privilege of hosting one of the great influences in my husband’s life, Al Christian. Al ran the Swine Teaching Farm at Iowa State University for over…

  • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
    Food, Pigs

    BBQ Pulled Pork & Pig Farming

    Pulled pork has to be the most widely used recipe for pork shoulder, ever. When I created the recipe for Pork Carnitas, I cut the shoulder roast into large pieces before searing…

  • Pig Show Prep

    #WPX15 & Summer!

    This past week has been a total blur. The first two days we bid a fond farewell to my daughter’s kindergarten school year (and amazingly I didn’t cry like a baby for…

  • Cookie1a
    Cookies, Dessert

    Blue Tin Butter Cookies

    These rich and tender cookies are simply made and easily eaten. They transport me to simpler times. I’d like to think (though my cooking contest recipes would disprove this idea) that basic recipes, prepared…