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  • BrettPickarFamily
    Food & Swine

    Meet an Iowa Egg Farmer!

    Iowa is a top producing state of many commodities, but much to many Iowans’ surprise, Iowa leads the way in egg production. Eggs produced in Iowa are more than the second and…

  • PorkTenderloin

    Pork Tenderloin and Baby Potatoes

    Pork tenderloin with baby potatoes and a rich pan sauce secured a spot in the regular dinner lineup today.  This meal was completely put together and on the table in around 35…

  • wpid-20150121_160416.jpg

    Beef Bourguignon & Working Cows

    Julia Child was first to arrive on the scene as a culinary entertainer, in my opinion. She was so interesting to watch and cared so deeply about every recipe she created.  I most…

  • 040
    Farm Life, Food & Swine

    We Are Pig Farmers

    We are pig farmers.  Let me share a bit about our diverse pig farm: We raise pigs in different ways on our family farm.  We have modern style pig barns where we raise hogs…

  • wpid-20141025_104116.jpg
    Food & Swine

    Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

    I have been nipped by the ‘baking bug’ as I’ve spent quite a bit of my time recently with my family, helping bring the crops in for Harvest 2014.  Time in the…

  • Barrett1
    Food & Swine

    Our Modern Pig Barns

    Today I’m taking you on a tour of our modern pig barns.  Come on into my prep shed and grab a pair of coveralls and clean boots and we’ll be on our…

  • Poolpig2
    Food & Swine

    Cookie Dough Can Swim

    The other day,  upon letting the gilts out that we have at home, it was discovered that they would chart a different course on their evening walk.  “Cookie Dough” one of the…

  • wpid-20140702_191346.jpg
    Food & Swine

    Simple Syrup Lemonade

    I’ve posted a few times about “Lemonade“, the real kind, my favorite drink ever.  (When I don’t have raging heartburn.) This is a recipe quite like that but I love it even more! Today…