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  • Fairgoer3

    Dear Iowa State Fairgoer: Thank you.

    Dear Iowa State Fairgoer: Thank you.  You may not know it, but attending the Iowa State Fair makes farmers and farm families like me quite happy. The Fair isn’t only fabulous-foods-on-a-stick and…

  • AppleCrisp

    The Best Apple Crisp

    Harvest continues to roll on, with beautiful weather, though things are getting really dry now. Before heading out this morning, I have to give you one of  my favorite fall recipes. I’ve…

  • IMG_5329

    Simply Peach Pie

    I have a confession. I’ve never made peach pie. Why? Mom always made it, so I never had to. The other day, peaches were on super-sale and passed the ‘sniff test’ (*I will…

  • Tomatillos

    Roasted Tomatillo Salsa & Local Food

    I’m sure you hear the term ‘shop local’ quite often. With all of the ‘back to school’ noise, food chatter comes with that, and local food is always at the forefront of many food conversations. I’m…

  • Pig Show Prep

    #WPX15 & Summer!

    This past week has been a total blur. The first two days we bid a fond farewell to my daughter’s kindergarten school year (and amazingly I didn’t cry like a baby for…

  • AEaCookieDelivery
    Iowa Life

    AE Dairy, Iowa’s Finest

    Recently, I took a trip to AE Dairy in Des Moines, Iowa, to find the secrets that garner their notable cult-like following by anyone who has ever tasted their delicious dairy products. This…

  • 061

    Tractor Approved Energy Bites

    These little goodies are full of healthful ingredients PLUS they happen to taste like cookie dough, if you ask me.  They are full of good tasting ingredients and have loads of fiber…