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  • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
    Food, Pigs

    BBQ Pulled Pork & Pig Farming

    Pulled pork has to be the most widely used recipe for pork shoulder, ever. When I created the recipe for Pork Carnitas, I cut the shoulder roast into large pieces before searing…

  • Cheesecake1

    Cherry Red Raspberry Cheesecake

    If you know me, I love a ‘fussy dessert’ that is relatively low maintenance. Cheesecake is THAT dessert in my book. Sure, are there a few steps involved in this creamy, delicious dessert? Yes. However, with…

  • Carnitas
    Dinner, Lunch

    The Best Pork Carnitas

    This week I read that a fast food chain restaurant was unable to serve Pork Carnitas on their menu due to an issue with a pork supplier in their chain. I’ll spare ya the…

  • wpid-20141202_144643.jpg
    Food, Food & Swine

    Little Farmer Cake

    This week, my son turned 3 years old.  The build up to his birthday was nothing crazy, but he had a definite opinion about his birthday cake.  He repeated over and over…

  • 002
    Food & Swine

    Caramel Apple Sundae

    Perfect caramel sauce is hard to come by.  This sauce is wonderful for dipping apples, or for making a caramel apple sundaes. It comes together easily and pretty quickly too!  Candy thermometers need…

  • wpid-20140825_151659.jpg
    Food & Swine

    Stained Glass Pig

    Easiest. Craft. Ever. I love simple projects that will catch the attention of kids of any age. These ‘stained glass’ pigs are made from 3 basic items: construction paper, tissue paper and contact…

  • wpid-20140821_183025.jpg
    Food & Swine

    One Roast : Three Dinners

    One Roast = Hot Beef/Pork Sundaes, Beef & Noodles AND Crispitos… Sitting around the family dinner table seems to be a lost art to some folks. The amount of activities that our children are…