• 072

    Chocolate Buttermilk Sheet Cake

    I’m sure you’ve heard of “Texas Sheet Cake” before, and it is likely one of those nostalgic desserts you grew up eating. What I don’t understand is how on Earth people gave…

  • AlChristian

    Strawberry Preserves & Al Christian

    Over the weekend we had the privilege of hosting one of the great influences in my husband’s life, Al Christian. Al ran the Swine Teaching Farm at Iowa State University for over…

  • LemonSupremePie

    Lemon Supreme Pie

    Summer is finally here. And it is already going too fast. Now that I have a school-aged child, summer for me didn’t start until June 3. (Her last day was June 2.)…

  • BasicVinaigretteGreens

    Top Secret Salad Dressing

    When your garden gives you lettuce, wash that stuff up and make some dressing that will complement it, and not completely overshadow it. There I said it… ranch dressing: I love you,…

  • Sea Salt Chocolate Picnic Bars

    Sea Salt and Chocolate Picnic Bars

    Bars. The most frequent-ed recipes on my blog are recipes for bars. I recently realized I’ve never shared one of my most coveted, tested bar recipes. Silly. I should have shared this…

  • lemonmeringuepie

    Lemon Meringue Pie, When Pigs Fly

    Let’s face it, sometimes a person just can’t get enough PIE. I love a good challenge in the kitchen and honestly, there aren’t many bakers that have their meringue-game ‘in the bag’.…

  • Classic Apple Pie

    Classic Apple Pie on The Big Show

    Today I’m SO excited to be on “The Big Show” (for those of you not around my neck of the woods, that’s our local AM-Farm Show on 1040AM: WHO Radio). As you…

  • 013

    Drake’s 2nd Cake & Being There

    This past Thursday, my nephew Drake would have turned two years old. The loss of that baby boy turned my safe little world upside down and rocked me in ways I didn’t…

  • PieLatticeCrust

    Amy’s Pie

    “We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.”  –  David Mamet | I had the privilege of hosting some of the North Iowa Bloggers in my home for…