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  • AELineupHolidayDrinks
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    Taste Test: AE Dairy Holiday Lineup

     Santa Claus has nothing on my friends at AE Dairy. Recently, the FedEx Fairy delivered a cooler box full of their latest and greatest holiday drinks, directly to my front door. Needless to…

  • TopRecipes2014
    Food & Swine

    2014 Top Recipes

    These are the top reader-selected recipes on my blog for 2014.  There are still a few out there that I may include in a later post, but for now, all of the recipes…

  • wpid-20140912_170045.jpg
    Food & Swine

    Grandma Madeline

    This week I lost a very special person in my life.  My Grandma Madeline passed away on Monday morning.  She was the inspiration and motivation for many of my different baking adventures.  She…

  • 1ChickenBaconRanch
    Food & Swine

    Fancy Chicken Bacon Ranch

    The Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich craze hit about 10 years ago and I was ON-BOARD.  Strips of chicken (grilled or fried), bacon, cheese of any kind and plenty of ranch dressing… how…

  • Extra1
    Food & Swine

    Pigged Out Patty Melt

    Bacon, Ground Pork, Caramelized Onions, Gooey Cheese, Country Bread… this is the ultimate pork-inspired, Patty Melt sandwich.  My husband approves 100% and tells me it blows my $17,500 Sour Apple Pork Burger out…

  • 040
    Farm Life, Food & Swine

    We Are Pig Farmers

    We are pig farmers.  Let me share a bit about our diverse pig farm: We raise pigs in different ways on our family farm.  We have modern style pig barns where we raise hogs…

  • Sugared Jam Cookies
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    Sugared Jam Tea Cookies

    This cookie recipe is one that I’ve always kept my eye on in the first baking book I received for my birthday a few years ago.  It is still the best baking book…