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  • PorkTenderloin

    Pork Tenderloin and Baby Potatoes

    Pork tenderloin with baby potatoes and a rich pan sauce secured a spot in the regular dinner lineup today.  This meal was completely put together and on the table in around 35…

  • wpid-20150121_160416.jpg

    Beef Bourguignon & Working Cows

    Julia Child was first to arrive on the scene as a culinary entertainer, in my opinion. She was so interesting to watch and cared so deeply about every recipe she created.  I most…

  • Carnitas
    Dinner, Lunch

    The Best Pork Carnitas

    This week I read that a fast food chain restaurant was unable to serve Pork Carnitas on their menu due to an issue with a pork supplier in their chain. I’ll spare ya the…

  • Focaccia2
    Dinner, Lunch

    Authentic Focaccia Bread

    In my kitchen, you’ll seldom find me happier than when I am baking bread.  Yeast breads are the comfort food of my youth and something I truly enjoy baking.  Focaccia bread is…

  • ButterDips
    Dinner, Lunch, Snack

    Sandi’s Butter Dips

    The recipe for Butter Dips is one of the most coveted family recipes that I’ve gained in my recipe book in the last year. These delightful tender biscuit like fingers go with virtually…

  • Shrimp3

    Bacon Wrapped Crab Stuffed Shrimp

    Days like this are perfect for trying new recipes.  I love to do that when we’re locked in the house.  We were supposed to have a family day out with Dad, helping…

  • White Dinner Rolls Blog
    Dinner, Lunch, Snack

    Prize Winning Dinner Rolls

    My quest for the perfect dinner roll recipe began after entering classes in the Iowa State Fair baking competition in 2010.  I had only baked cinnamon rolls, loaves of honey wheat bread…